This is the first agreement to be signed between a technology transfer accelerator and the Consortium Valorisation Thématique “Valorisation Sud”. Its aim is to encourage the collaborative transfer of technology and know-how from the PACA and Corsica regions to the Global South


With this agreement, SATT Sud Est and CVT Valorisation Sud will open up new routes to the Global southern countries (tropical, equatorial and desert regions, emerging and/or developing countries) for value creation.

SATT Sud Est will benefit from the expertise of CVT Valorisation Sud by giving them the responsibility to sell the technologies in its portfolio, which are socio-economically relevant on the markets in South. The two organisations have reached a mutual agreement on the key tasks :

  • To promote value creation regarding innovative projects in France and/or on the markets in the Global South,
  • To promote, market and transfer technologies with a strong potential and/or involving Global southern countries (markets, interests, cooperation, etc.), including marketing actions, technical & economic analyses, detecting prospects in Global southern countries, and providing scientific support and expertise,
  • To deploy collaborative actions in these areas.

CVT Valorisation Sud will thus be able to market certain technologies with high added-value from the portfolio of SATT Sud Est on these markets in the Global South. Read more

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