Soft Mixer, a new vision of mixing

Soft Mixer is a new mixer technology without blades or propellers. Inspired by the Earth’s rotation, it allows sensitive substances to be mixed without damaging them and using less energy.

For years, we have been studying the movement of molten metal within the Earth’s core. Under the influence of the Earth’s rotation, this liquid metal mixes and generates an intense magnetic field, which could help us understand the history of the planet.

Therefore, I wanted to reproduce the phenomenon in my laboratory. Humankind has always built and represented the world in a Cartesian way – with right angles. Everything must be horizontal or vertical. However, if we agree to look at things from a different angle, we can create amazing phenomena! By applying the same inclination as axis of the Earth… We have reproduced a chaotic agitation similar to the one that reigns inside the Earth’s core. The agitation extends homogeneously to the whole volume. There is no more need for paddles or blades to mix. And so, inspired by the movements of the Earth, we have developed “Soft Mixer”. It allows mixing substances without damaging them, and consuming very little energy.

Soft Mixer provides an innovative solution for mixing sensitive substances in many fields including chemistry, food processing, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering or cosmetics.

The easiest way to mix was right under our feet!

The soft Mixer technology is available for licensing

Invention and patent by Aix-Marseille University | Ecole Centrale Marseille | CNRS | University of Swinburne (Australia)

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