Discover the 2012-2017 Special Edition of the SATT Sud-Est Annual Activity Report

This special edition highlights maturation projects, transferred innovations, accompanied start-ups and key figures since the creation of SATT Sud-Est in 2012. Personalities from the ecosystem of valorisation and innovation testify


SATT Sud-Est's Annual Report of Activity

SATT Sud-Est is at the heart of the modeling of future humanity” Laurent BALY, President of SATT Sud-Est.

A look back at the 5 years of SATT Sud-Est’s existence with several key figures as at 31  December 2017 :

  • 918 projects detected
  • 297 intellectual property assets filed
  • 139 mature projects
  • 22.7 M€ invested in maturation
  • 17 start-ups created
  • 91 licenses signed
  • 6.4 million in cumulative license revenues
  • 8 products and services subject to royalties on sales
  • 19 products and services subject to royalties on sales or minimum royalties

The 5-year special edition of the annual report takes stock of key inventions and transfers and highlights numerous testimonials from personalities in the ecosystem of valorisation and innovation; download it by clicking here.

“The first five years of our existence have taught us a lot about how a complex innovation ecosystem operates, involving multiple players, public and private, local and international, operating on different scales of time, interest and need.”

Laurent BALY, President