Technology Transfer Department

Creating value through technology transfers and knowledge sharing

The Technology Transfer Department is at the heart of SATT Sud-Est’s core business and is involved in every stage of the transfer and innovation cycle. The company’s technology transfer experts offer a wealth of expertise across a number of areas of interest and specialty fields. Their mission starts right at the beginning of the process, identifying projects within research labs. It continues through to assessing maturity and obtaining proof-of-concept, before moving on to marketing and licensing in the final stages of the cycle.

Experts in creating value, our technology transfer managers work in a project team alongside representatives from other departments including Invention Disclosure and Sales to ensure they provide a comprehensive response to the company’s shareholders and founding partners.

We offer R&D managers and socio-economic stakeholders the opportunity to innovate by integrating and protecting highly marketable innovations that have been developed from research conducted by public laboratories. These innovations are available through operating licenses, which may previously have been the subject of a collaborative development contract. Take a look at our priority areas of interest :

Director Technology Transfer