25 and 26/11/16 : SATT Sud-Est supports the 1st hackathon organized by Women Hackers Action Tank (WHAT)

par | Nov 23, 2016

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25 and 26/11/16 : SATT Sud-Est supports the 1st hackathon organized by Women Hackers Action Tank (WHAT)

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First edition of the Women Hackers Action Tank (WHAT) hackathon on the French Riviera, is taking place at Skema Business School campus, Sophia Antipolis on Fri. Nov 25th and Sat. Nov 26th 2016. SATT Sud-est, sponsor of event will be participate on both dates.

Held in Paris for the second year in a row, WHAT hackathon initiative is going to be hosted in the French capital during the same week between Nov 28 -29th under a common theme: “For a trustworthy world, Women Safety and Security”.

In Sophia Antipolis, participants will work in teams in order to innovate for “the Safety of our loved ones”. The “security” word is meant to be broadly used so that teams can develop digital solutions addressing issues such as cybersecurity, safety in cities or even employment and financial stability.

To motivate mothers and fathers to take part in WHAT hackathon, programming tutorials and challenges are planned for participants’ children (from 10 years-old and above). A robot competition will be organized by the WHAT team with the support of INRIA and Orange Solidarity Foundation.


Children: Bluetooth wireless speakers, board games, theme parks tickets, goodies, etc.

Adults: consumer electronics (e.g. connected watches), coaching prizes offered by WHAT event partners (certified ESSEC training, co-working spaces, incubators, brand bootcamps).


Technical (developers, marketers, designers etc.) as well as non-technical profiles (communication specialists, speakers, etc.) who are interested in “’Innovation’” and “Technology” are welcome to participate.

Event will takes place:

Date and Time : November 25th – 26th starting at 6pm for 24hours

Location: SKEMA Business School – Sophia Antipolis, 60 Rue Fedor Dostoïevski, 06902 Valbonne, FRANCE

To go further:


@WhatHackers @SATTse_


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