Trocar Blocker

Mechanical solution for trocar fixing


Mechanical fixation system for trocars in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery interventions.

Current situation

Today, all laparoscopic procedures require trocars for the use of the camera and the surgical instruments. However there is a constant need to keep them steady, motionless and secured. To this day, surgeons are needed to maintain surgical instruments in specific position through trocars while they could be focusing on other tasks, leading to extra costs for the hospital and overcrowding the operation room.

Our technology

Bloqueur de trocar

The invention is a mechanical system allowing to secure a trocar in a position and keeping it in place while performing a laparoscopic procedure. The device provides a reliable fixation of trocars, releasing surgeon’s and their assistant's hands. The adjustable angle guaranties maximal coverage of the inner area with instruments.


  • Quick set-up and easy to use;
  • Simple to produce (few pieces to assemble);
  • Frees hands of the surgeon during the operation;
  • Cost saving solution for the hospital as it requires less assistants in the operating room.

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