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Within the scope of the development of microwave instruments dedicated to the understanding and the exploitation of interactions between matter and microwaves, the Fresnel Institute – a French state laboratory – developed an evanescent microwave generator with improved sensitivity and energy transfer allowing near and far-field characterization of sub-wavelength objects and their defects.


Evanescent waves are generated to increase resolution and to improve energy transfer into objects.

Current systems are limited in resolution to the half wave length and are also limited for high permittivity and losses.

SPLM is an evanescent microwave generator for analysis in near and far-field allowing:

  • Characterization and imaging of sub-wavelength objects
  • Measurement of permittivity of material with high permittivity and losses
  • Cartography of permittivity on any substrate
  • Control of radiative transfer
  • Analysis of the composition and defects of conductive materials with high losses

Development Status

  •  Full scale microwave scanner built and characterized
  • Tests made over a broad permittivity band


  • Non destructive control of defects in composites
  • Microwave analog of optical microscope
  • Imaging of sub-wave length objects
  • Permittivity and conductivity measurements
  • Characterization of nanostructured materials

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