The “Ondulotrans” consists of a single device providing two functions: fluid flow and heat transfer, allowing the decoupling of the exchange coefficient and flow, and leading to a significant intensification of heat transfer.

The choice of the operating parameters of the device allows an independent adjustment over a wide range of the circulating flow (pumping function) and of the parietal coefficient of heat exchange (transfer function).

This exchanger is particularly suitable for miniaturized systems such as micro-fluidic systems and thermal microreactors.


Current exchangers use passive systems such as blades or additives to modify the thermo-physical properties of the fluid or change the structure of the flow by using inserts. The coupling of flow and heat transfer coefficient does not allow optimized operating conditions for these exchangers.

→ Ondulotrans allows dynamical and independent regulation of the temperature and flow rate within the process for an optimized behavior.

→ Ondulotrans also includes a pumping function of the fluid allowing the suppression of the external pump and making the system compact while reducing maintenance costs.

Development status

  • Numerical Analysis of transfer and flow
  • Prototype characterized


  • Fluid thermal exchanger separated by a wall.
  • Temperature control of components in microelectronics and power electronics.
  • Applications in embedded systems in the field of railway, aviation, automotive and space.
  • Food.
  • Medical: temperature control of a biological fluid or drug.
  • Chemistry: Micro-Reactions

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