The CRMBM team (Center for Biological and Medical Magnetic Resonance) – part of CNRS / Aix-Marseille Université – has over 20-year experience in MRI and spectral MR for medical research and diagnosis purposes.
As for CSI, they have developed a robust solution, already used in several research centers.


  • Grid free  adjustable voxel positioning
  • Tunable voxel size and shape
  • Enhanced discriminative metabolite maps

Development status

  • VOXELSHIFT significantly increases the accuracy of voxel, translating into enhanced diagnosis capabilities for practitioners.
  • Their CSIAPO software allows the user to define the voxel size, shape position (independently from the grid) and access in real time to the voxel MR spectrum.


In vivo real time observation of metabolites concentration
Brain, prostate, kidney … cancer diagnosis

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