Accelerate your growth by exploiting the results of public research !


Manufacturers/entrepreneurs, SATT Sud-Est, the “Accelerator of Technology Transfer”, is your one-stop shop for transfer and commercialization of innovative technologies from academic research. You might be seeking a new innovative technology to win market shares, your representatives at SATT cover the whole value chain of technology transfer:

We share with you our portfolios of innovative technologies to meet your technological needs and expectations. In partnership with Competitiveness Clusters, we identify then keep up with your demand for innovative technologies. We actually reduce the industrial risk on technologies.

Our experts are in close proximity with regional public researchers. The Company develops research potential from over 10,000 researchers, grad students and postdocs, as well as 600 M€ annual R&D budget. South Eastern France ranks 3rd in France regarding public researcher numbers; they are 2nd in Life Sciences. Research in South Eastern France is recognized as excellent in multiple fields including Health and Biotechnology, Technologies of Information and Communications, Ecotechnologies and Social Science.

Especially for you, we perform sourcing of innovative projects with high market potential, from academic labs. We support the development of the inventions at legal (intellectual property), economical (market), and technological (proof of concept) levels in order to offer you ready to industrialize technologies.

At SATT, our specialized departments offer you their expertise in fields such as Health & Life Technologies, Materials, Environment & Information Technologies and Social Sciences & Humanities.