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"If the Human & Social Sciences are present in many sectors,

South-East SATT wishes to pay particular attention to the transfer potential of projects carried out by historians, geographers, sociologists, linguists or researchers from other disciplines related to the soft sciences. Whether it is a question of highlighting heritage, safeguarding or showcasing works, or fostering spaces for exchange, interaction and cooperation, for example, the fields of expertise in SHS research are all assets for the PACA and Corsica Regions in terms of economic development and responses to social and societal challenges. »


CLIMATE - Climate change in an educational kit

What's that? An educational tool for simulating the climate in a city to anticipate urban heat island phenomena.
What does it provide? Raising awareness among citizens, pupils and students of the impact of climate change on urban planning.
Who invented it? The Population, Environment and Development Laboratory (LPED UMR 151)
Who participated in it? Aix-Marseille University, Research Institute for Development (IRD)

Sonothèque Sons d'Ambiance - A library for sound professionals

What's that? An application that intelligibly indexes high-quality ambient sounds for sound professionals in the audiovisual and film world.
For what application? The creation of sound atmospheres drawn from the French cultural and territorial heritage.
Who invented it? Fédération de Recherche en Evolution PRISM (Perception, Representations, Image, Sound, Music) of Aix-Marseille University
Who participated? Aix-Marseille University

Moving from invention to innovation is a wonder. And we're lucky, it's what we do.

Find out how SATT South-East accelerates technology transfer by bringing together research and business players. From patents to operating licences, including proof of concept, SATT Sud-Est is a key player in the South and Corsica regions in the field of innovation.

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