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Researchers, inventors, the SATT Sud-Est, " l'Accélérateur du Transfert de Technologies " is your privileged interlocutor in the transfer of innovative technologies. If you have intellectual property needs or a technology to develop, your contacts at SATT are involved in the entire technology transfer chain.


We accompany you on the valorization of your search results. We identify your innovative projects, declare your inventions together, evaluate their patentability and the market potential of your technologies, then file your patents and their international extensions. Finally, we manage the intellectual property portfolios of your supervising institutions.

Our core business is the maturation of your projects on the legal (intellectual property), economic (market), and technological (proof of concept) levels. Also, we provide financial support for the maturation of your technologies up to the proof of concept by, in particular, developing prototypes and pre-series models, etc., we ensure the marketing and licensing of your technological offer.

In partnership with business incubators, we support you in the creation of innovative companies, start-ups or spin-offs.

Les pôles thématiques de la SATT vous proposent leurs expertises en Santé & Technologies du Vivant, et Technologies des Matériaux, de l’Environnement & de l’Information et Sciences Humaines & Sociales.

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Moving from invention to innovation is a wonder. And we're lucky, it's what we do.

Find out how SATT South-East accelerates technology transfer by bringing together research and business players. From patents to operating licences, including proof of concept, SATT Sud-Est is a key player in the South and Corsica regions in the field of innovation.

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The South-East SATT
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