Environment, Energy & Territories

"ENVI is a multidisciplinary field with strong representation in the laboratories under the supervision of our shareholders.

environmental sciences, membrane technology, renewable energies, agrosciences, but also human & social sciences, such as for example the LINA® application from the UMR 7300 ESPACE of the University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse, dedicated to spatiotemporal dynamics, which led to the creation of the startup LKSpatialist. »


UV boosting plant defenses: UMR Qualisud (University of Avignon and Pays de Vaucluse)

The technology developed by the Quality Physiology team of the University of Avignon (UMR QualiSud) with the support of the Institut d'Électronique du Sud (UMR 5214) of the University of Montpellier, focuses on the development of a physical method for stimulating plant defences based on the use of UV flashes of specific wavelength and power.
This invention is part of the search for alternative methods to plant protection products to reduce risks to human health and respect for the environment, a major societal and environmental issue.

Calix-BIB: Institut des Sciences Moléculaires de Marseille (ISM2, Aix-Marseille University, École Centrale Marseille, CNRS, UMR 7313)

New class of molecules called Calix-BIB (protected by a patent application Aix-Marseille University, CNRS) particularly adapted for the selective capture of iodine in decay tanks used in nuclear medicine centers. The maturation program focuses mainly on the preparation, development and validation of anion capture devices for the field of nuclear waste management.

"The support of SATT Sud-Est, within the framework of the PROMETHEUS maturation project, has enabled me to apply the results of my research work through the development of an innovative imaging device. SATT Sud-Est financially supported the project and its team also made a significant contribution with original ideas. I hope that this relationship between research and technological development can continue for years to come. »


Senior Lecturer, IM2NP

"As the director of the laboratory, I particularly appreciated SATT's interventions in my laboratory. The staff were made aware of the importance of the SATT through a clear speech, and they understood that the SATT represented a real support for the development of their skills. Two invention declarations were filed (12 researchers at LP3) following these actions. In my capacity as project manager, I greatly appreciated the efficiency of SATT's work, which carried out the patent application and the market study, and supported me with a pre-maturation project. This support allows us today to validate our idea. The interaction with the SATT engineer is very constructive and enriching, and goes far beyond mere financial support. »


CNRS Research Director, Laboratoire LP3

"We had identified molecules that inhibit the polymerase of the dengue virus, which are effective in a cellular context, i.e. antiviral potentials. Working with the SATT has enabled us to take several important steps in this program, with the definition of an intellectual property strategy, which has resulted in the filing of two patents, and to benefit from reinforced skills in medicinal chemistry. We are now looking for industrial partners, again with the support of SATT experts. »

Prof. Jean-Claude GUILLEMOT

University Professor, Polytech, AFMB Laboratory

Moving from invention to innovation is a wonder. And we're lucky, it's what we do.

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