The SATT Sud-Est, the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli and the Incubator of Corsica Inizià present the winners of My Innovation Is... 2019 "Meet the new Superheroes of Innovation".

par | Déc 16, 2019

During the 4th edition of My Innovation Is... which took place on 14 November 2019 at the Théâtre Municipal de Bastia, 14 researchers & startuppers from public laboratories in the South & Corsica Regions presented their innovative projects before a jury of experts.


Laetitia GIRALDI, Nicolas POIRON-GUIDONI and the start-up STEPSol are the 2019 Winners of the competition organized by SATT Sud-Est, the University of Corsica Pasquale Paoli and the Incubateur de Corse Inizià in partnership with Engie, Pépite Corse and IODA Consulting.

In the "researchers/doctoral students" category, the winners are Dr Laetitia GIRALDI, Research Fellow, Inria Sophia-Antipolis, University of the Côte d'Azur, and Nicolas POIRON-GUIDONI, doctoral student in the Laboratory Sciences for the Environment (UMR SPE 6134 University of Corsica - CNRS). For the "start-up" category, the winner is STEPSol, represented by Didier PIERRAT-AGOSTINI (President) and Tina LE MAO (Doctoral Engineer, Associate).

Laetitia GIRALDI, replacing invasive surgical operations with micro-robots capable of moving inside the human body

The focus of his work is the development of micro-robots capable of moving inside our bodies while being controlled from the outside. In the future, these robots will make it possible to treat certain pathologies by limiting invasive surgery. This is a multidisciplinary challenge at the interface between robotics, physics, mathematics and medicine. The robots she studies are bio-inspired. They are shaped like sperm. A part of their body is magnetized and can react to an external magnetic field that deforms the robot and allows it to move forward. The problem of using the magnetic field to control the robot's movement is a major challenge.

Nicolas POIRON-GUIDONI, guaranteeing the sustainability of marine exploitation while protecting critical species

Nicolas POIRON-GUIDONI uses recent artificial intelligence methods to find the optimal compromise between human needs and respect for the environment, with a first application: MoonFish. This project revolves around two distinct fields: biology and computer science. In computer science, their role mainly involves the simulation of fishing activity and the implementation of decision support methods. To do this, they must first carry out data analysis work enabling them to deduce knowledge about the species of interest. This is done mainly - in this case - by means of optimisation methods. These data are provided to them by their biologist collaborators from the University of Corsica and their public and private partners, namely the Collectivité de Corse, the Regional Fisheries Committee, the European Union, the Oceanographic and Underwater Research Station and the Corsican Environment Office. In the end, they hope to be able to provide real help, both to decision-makers and to operators, in order to effectively manage fishing activity from both an ecological and economic point of view.

STEPSol, a hydraulic storage solution coupled with solar power generation to provide renewable and decarbonated electricity in remote rural and mountainous areas

STEPSol is a young innovative company created in September 2016 in Corsica, accompanied by the Incubator INIZIÀ since April 2017. It develops solar micro-STEPs - an innovative technology coupling photovoltaic production with hydraulic and gravity storage - to provide renewable and decarbonated electricity day and night in rural areas. STEPSol has carried out an R&D programme with the Sciences Pour l'Environnement laboratory of the University of Corsica - CNRS and CEA-TECH. Labeled by the CAPENERGIE competitiveness cluster, this 3-year programme is proving conclusive with new knowledge and patentability. Today, STEPSol has reached key milestones: first awards (Winner of Vitrine de l'Innovation at the Pollutec trade show, Prix Engie at the International Cleantech Week in Annecy), an "entry into the breeding ground" with the Banque des Territoires after 10 months of auditing and a capital increase bringing together historical partners and a new entrant to secure STEPSol until the marketing of its first installations.

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