Technology Transfer Department

Creating value through the transfer of technology and know-how

Core business of SATT Sud-Est, the technology transfer department intervenes throughout the transfer and innovation cycle. It is made up of technology transfer officers divided into areas of interest, sub-areas and acquired expertise. They carry out their missions from the detection of projects in research laboratories, through maturation to proof of concept, and finally marketing and licensing.

Creators of value, the technology transfer managers work in project teams with the operational actors of the other departments from the declaration of invention to the sale, in order to ensure total reactivity at the service of the shareholders and founding members of the Company.

R&D managers, socio-economic actors, we offer you to innovate by integrating protected innovations with high market potential developed on the basis of public research results. They are available through the granting of operating licenses that may have been previously the subject of a collaborative development contract. Consult the priority areas of interest of the SATT :

Moving from invention to innovation is a wonder. And we're lucky, it's what we do.

Find out how SATT South-East accelerates technology transfer by bringing together research and business players. From patents to operating licences, including proof of concept, SATT Sud-Est is a key player in the South and Corsica regions in the field of innovation.

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The South-East SATT
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